One last chance…

Surah An-Naml: 89. Whoever comes with a good deed will have better than it, and they will be safe from the terror on that Day.

90. And whoever comes with an evil deed, they will be cast down on their faces in the Fire. (It will be said), “Are you being recompensed (anything) except what you used to do.”


Ramadan is a month in which we try to do the best deeds to make Allah Ta’ala happy with us. Everyone has a goal to pursue and mine is to make myself a complete and true Muslim… to have the best character which reflects my faith in Allah and akhirah… Every Ramadan I feel like Allah gives me an “out of the world” opportunity to achieve my goal… I get all excited and hopeful and really make so many good intentions but as the days go by I am shocked to see the same habitual reactions… losing temper… being critical… etc Desperate for forgiveness, I increase my duas, give sadaqah… trying to wash away the mistakes…

Well the days go by so soon and here comes the last round of ten days and nights… it is like a final chance for us to achieve sincerity of faith. We get so many reminders for laylatul Qadr; but I have found that until and unless you realize your weaknesses you cannot be really desperate for forgiveness. And without this passion burning you from inside, you cannot really appreciate the precious blessing of these last ten nights.

When I was ignorant about Quran and Hadith I used to think of myself as a “good person” and so Ramadan was just another way of adding to that goodness. Any good deed was just another “badge of honour” and that’s it… something that made me feel good about myself. But as the light of the Quran made me see the reality, I discovered how far I am from the beautiful character of a momin… and this realization makes me worried as well as hopeful.

The precious days and nights which have come to us, are like a ray of hope… I can cry in the stillness of the night… I can beg Allah to save me from fire… I can ask him again and again for mercy and forgiveness… but if I lose this chance then where else will I find salvation?


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