Lessons from Dawra-e-Quran

Although the lessons of dawra-e-Quran are such a treasure of wisdom and inspiration that I wish I could write all that is taught and then publish online for those who cannot listen to the audios… but even if I don’t have the time or energy to do this I can at least share one great lesson that I have learned which is from the ayah 52 of Al-Furqan…

Although I have read so much about jihad in the Quran but for the first time I came to know that doing jihad with one’s own self does not mean that you seclude yourself from the rest of the world… how the shaitan has tricked us into believing clichés like “pehlay khud ko to theek kar lain phir dosron ko kahain”

Today I saw with absolute clarity that jihad with self cannot be done until you want the same thing for others too and actually involve them with the same mission of self development for the sake of Allah. But it is not as easy as it sounds and that is why Allah warns us not to expect ideal situations and ideal companions… there will be all sorts of people but we will have to develop such a bond with Allah and our goal that all these differences with people should become a secondary thing.

Sabr is what we need and what is Ramadan except to teach us sabr…

But nothing happens in life automatically… we have to work hard to achieve the benefits… Just like the best food cannot give you any nutrition unless you eat it… similarly the blessed minutes and hours of this precious month can just pass by without giving us any sabr unless we make a sincere intention to achieve it and then follow up the intention with duas and hard work.

Just like we ignore the hunger pangs during fast

Similarly we will have to ignore the pangs of desires which tend to distract us from our goal

And I suppose this is what is needed for the tarbiyyat of this spoilt nafs!!


for those who want to listen to Dawra-e-Quran lessons please visit the following link:



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