Learning to be beautiful from Prophet Yousaf (A.S)

Just like we become favorites of people due to some qualities which they like… and sometimes we spend a lifetime to achieve those qualities for the sake of getting love and appreciation from people. Similarly I found that for achieving the love and appreciation of Allah we need one big quality which seems so simple in words but requires a lot of discipline and conscious effort to implement in our daily lives… and that is ehsaan. Unconditional goodness are just two words but it seems like we need a whole lifetime to learn to apply it. Why is it so difficult? Because we have been programmed into thinking that we will do to people as they deserve… and secondly we have been taught to believe that no one can be better than us… so with these two misconceptions the result that follows is that we don’t think anyone deserves anything better than us… this has caused us to be extremely self centered and over critical about others. We will spare no chance to express our dislike of others and we take every opportunity to sing praises of our own self. With these thoughts deeply engraved in our heart and mind how can we even think of being Muhsinin? Do we think that putting in a few dollars in charity is a big ehsaan on the poor people? Or is feeding our servant the left over food, an ehsaan? What to talk of anything else even the mothers think that what they do for their children is an ehsaan…

What I have learned from Surah Yousaf is that ehsaan is actually the beauty of thoughts… pure and free from all vanity, pure from grudges… purely for the sake of Allah. And then the deeds which sprout from these thoughts will be truly beautiful and worthy of being appreciated.

But then how will I cure my polluted heart? When will it become free of all contamination? The solution is in making the intention of self purification and then praying to Allah for guiding the heart. Especially this Ramadan it should be our first and foremost dua, that we become pure and sincere slaves of Allah… doing the best that we can… always to win Allah’s appreciation and wanting for other people the same things which we want for our own self…if we want love then we should start loving others. If we want to be respected then we should give others the same respect. If we want our faults to be hidden and forgiven then we should do the same for our servants, children and other people around us. Easier said than done but then what is life but a never ending struggle? So what are we waiting for… lets start now!!



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