“Ujub”… self-congratulation

Yesterday I listened to the 10th Para of Daura-e-Quran and it seemed like a climax to the topic of Jihad… Every journey through Quran brings out a concept which shines out with such brilliance that all the rest of the things seem to highlight that particular subject. This time it seems to me like the whole Quran is about Jihad… utmost struggle… non stop efforts towards establishing Islam in our individual and collective lives.

The ayah 25 and 26 of suarh At-Taubah really touched the core of my heart because it showed me clearly the biggest hurdle in our success. I have often faced this problem that while walking in the way of Allah sometimes things are going super smooth when all of a sudden I feel a bitterness of despair in my heart and everything looks so hopelessly useless that I feel like I cannot take even a step more… what is this? I ask myself… is my faith not right? Or do I have some deep rooted hypocrisy so well disguised that even I myself cannot recognize it? This is one of those mysteries for which I have never been able to come up with an answer… But today I understood that whenever we feel over confident of our faith or achievements in the way of Allah, then Allah takes away His help momentarily so that when we are faced with the reality of our weakness, we can realize that the only thing which was holding us was Allah’s help… without Him we are nothing. Thus our confidence shifts from our own capabilities towards Allah… the real source of all Power and Greatness.

The same thing happened in Uhud and Hunain that as soon as the Muslims became over confident of their success or the greatness of their number… Allah showed them that their success is not in these things… The word Allah used is “A’jabatkum Kasratukum”… so if we want to remain optimistic and energetic we should always be on guard against this thing called “ujub”… which is very tempting for the nafs but very harmful for our heart and soul… may Allah save us all… ameen


One thought on ““Ujub”… self-congratulation

  1. assalamoalykum
    alhamdulillah i also listened these ayaat the day before yesterday.
    ALL KUDDOOS TO ALMIGHTY RUBB who gives us tawfiq!!!
    this thing “ujub” is NO DOUBT disastrous for good deeds n purity of heart.
    ajzi is needed that if i can see,speak,write…..ALL BECAUSE OF RUBB!
    The main drawback of ujub,i think,is that when we start self praise then a curtain prevails on our eyes that prevents our mistakes n shortcommings from seeing.

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