Hold the precious moments…

All through the month of Shabaan, I was looking forward with great longing for the month of Ramadan. It seemed to me like I was about to enter into a world where Allah will enable me to accomplish things which normally I find very difficult. And so whenever I felt irritated by something or the other I comforted myself with the thought that soon the blessed month will come in which I will pray to Allah and He will sort out everything for me…

But today after having done suhoor for the tenth day, I felt totally bewildered at the speed of time… One third of Ramadan has passed me by… really?

But have I achieved one third of my targets?

And the question is: have I even identified my goals in any written form where I can check my progress?

I was recently invited to an aftaar party and there I observed that most people were just complaining about how hard it was to keep the fasts. How much water they drink but still feel thirsty and drained… and things like that. I was surprised that no one had anything to discuss apart from the daily concerns of life, the hunger and thirst, the menu at suhoor and aftaar, and the deprivation from precious sleep… and I was filled with so much sadness… is this what Ramadan is all about?

Where is the optimism to achieve Allah’s forgiveness?

Why is there no race towards Jannah?

Why is there no talk about the hunger of poor people whom we should feed…

What effort have we made to connect strongly with the Quran?

And then I remembered the Ramadans of my life when I knew nothing about Quran or Hadith. When religion was only to perform some rituals… the thing that was missing was the sense of purpose. There was no purpose to life itself except to travel through the phases and same was the purpose of fasting; just going through the time…

The only way to change this purposeless existence is through awareness. Learn the truth about life… listen to Allah’s words as He takes us through a journey of enlightenment in His Book. Learn the Hadith and see how the Prophet (s.a.w) portrayed for us the ultimate formulas for success. Only then we can realize the treasure that we have in our hands right now… its going by too fast… better catch it before its gone…


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