Think Positive and do something!!

Just like after a stormy night, the morning comes bright and clear… similarly after every difficulty I feel like my heart is filled with a new energy which it never had before…
About two years ago I had gone through a terrible phase which lasted a few days but Alhamdulillah I learned many lessons from it which I had recorded in a diary…

1- Allah doesn’t want us to live a stagnant life so He has put hurdles in our way towards Jannat.

2- These are meant for stimulating our intellect and our spirits because when we find the solutions and then cross such hurdles, it adds to our knowledge and experience and also makes us aware of so many hidden talents within ourselves.

3- But all of this is accompanied with pain…….which some people cannot handle.

4- Shaitan uses this weakness to defeat us……….”our weakness” means “his power”.

5- On one hand we have to minimize whatever physical, spiritual, intellectual or emotional weaknesses we have, so as to give as little power to our enemy as possible.

6- On the other hand it is good to have realistic expectations from our own self and also from those around us…… expect perfection is also a weakness !!

7- The best thing that we can do to ourselves is to prioritize and organize our lives and then be as consistent as possible in following our plans.

8- The biggest aim of shaitan is that I should waste my life

9- So Make sure that no moment should go waste.

10- If my focus is on the completion of my goals then I will view the pains just as obstacles which I have to cross on my way and keep going……..I will not sit at every little thing and waste minutes, hours and days….brooding over the issue.

11- Keep dreaming your dreams……but remember that whatever goodness you can do in this moment which is in your hands, is no less important……

12- No one can harm you if you keep following the right way……..not even shaitan….. because only those people fall into his trap who waste time listening to his discouraging comments.

13- Use your listening for better things!

14- Use your Ghaur/fikr/zikr for better things………Ghaur karna hai to possiblities per karo……..fikr karni hai to apnay amal ki karo………zikr karna hai to Allah ka karo.


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