The vision of the limitless skies…

Alhamdulillah today I listened to the first part of Surah Al-mulk… which is the 67th chapter of the Quran.

I had been struggling to find time for it but somehow things would always come in the way and so it got delayed day after day. This morning I really had to fight my burning eyes, to keep awake after fajar and complete this lesson. I was so drowsy because I could not sleep on time the night before and my whole body felt like floating in a sea of dreams. Normally I don’t do any worthwhile job in this dizzy state but today I was determined that I cannot keep waiting for a perfect time and state… which might or might never come. Thus began my trip into the world of reality…

The first surprise I got was that each day actually begins at night!! don’t wait for the day to begin your day but start planning the night before. I had realized this fact to some extent and used to plan at night for the coming day, but the mistake I used to make was that I would plan just seconds before going to bed and then would get so excited and worried for the completion of my tasks that my sleep would disappear!! and then a sleepless night would end up in a drowsy morning… absent-minded prayer… spiritless reading of Quran with yawning and half closed eyes…. finally hitting the bed again and wasting all the precious moments into a state of oblivion.

The solution is that after maghrib take some time to sit and send durood on the Prophet (s.a.w)… and then plan for the rest of evening and night…eating dinner on time… so that sleeping on time can be possible. no heavy food… No arguments in this time… no excited discussions… just quiet and peaceful time with children while putting them to bed… then reading isha and trying to recite Surah Al-Mulk while standing in front of Allah… then bedtime duas and some reading to soothe your nerves and off to sleep…

Next lesson was to focus not on just the quantity of my deeds but also on the quality. I have to think of how to put better quality into anything that I do. For example saying “Astaghfirullah” hundred times is a job which takes 100 seconds but I can make it “high quality” by thinking and praying to get rid of my persistent bad habits…

Recitation of the Quran can be perfected… there is no end to it!

Prayers can be made into more deep and spiritual meeting with Allah

Dealing with people with not just an outward show of manners but really and truly wishing them well and wanting to help them

Always thinking of ways to be beneficial for others

Keeping a check on my intentions

I thought that Allah gave us the target of ahsan amal (doing the most beautiful deeds) so that our whole lives can be spent in chasing this goal and we can never ever be confident that really now I have reached this level… How amazing is the choice of Allah’s words… Seemingly so simple but in effect so mysterious and always keeping one working and hoping and fearing all at once…

Just like the example of the seven skies in the next ayaat… man can go into space and keep exploring going higher and higher but never quite reaching the end… because there is no end… Allah wants us to just keep searching… life is just a journey and we have to prove ourselves as the best of travelers… reminding ourselves all the time that the destination is not here but there!!

May Allah save us from the fire and make us one of those who truly fear him and not even dare to go against His wishes… because for them is His forgiveness and ajrun kabeer..


2 thoughts on “The vision of the limitless skies…

  1. Assslamualikum,

    Again a very beutiful effort to project the importance of SURAH AL MULK.
    Literllay i have learned many things from ur articles and i think its an
    honour for u that ur work is a powerful source of guidence for us.
    Your articles really help in analyzing , that where i am lacking in my life.
    “May allah give u the strength to persue this work”
    Beside these comments. i have a request that please do remember me in your prayers.


    • Dear Son, Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
      It is the miracle of Quran which gives us the energy to convey it to others in any way that we can. And Allah has put tremendous reward for the person who learns Quran and spreads it to others, not just through lectures or articles but also through the best of manners and character. I pray from the depths of my heart for all our youth to discover this treasure and rise in the world like shining stars, projecting Allah’s greatness wherever they go or whatever they do.
      Lots of duas for you and your family

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