How to be energetic?

Walking on the right way is not as difficult as we think. It is just a matter of taking a decision. The moment we realize that life is a test and its success depends only on the obedience of Allah; we “take off” on the flight of faith. Gaining knowledge of Quran and Hadith becomes a passion. And it is the purest delight to be able to mould our thoughts and actions accordingly. But the difficult part is to “remain” on this path. Because as soon as you start moving in the right direction, the shaitan (devil) comes to defeat you in one way or the other. And it takes so much energy to fight him… and if we don’t know where to get this energy, then we go down and down in our enthusiasm until finally the shaitan succeeds in making us totally hopeless and so we stop doing even the most beneficial things. So we really need energy to counter his attacks…

And we need energy to be patient when things go crazy and out of control…

We need energy to control our anger

We need energy to be consistent in our good behavior towards others

But where does this energy come from?

It is from the remembrance and worship of Allah. The more we do it the more our hearts get clean and strong. Every little act of goodness adds to the strength of our soul and the radiance of our heart. But this energy has to be refreshed consistently… it cannot be stored. So we have to keep filling our “tanks” with the “fuel” of hope and optimism. That is why we are advised to remember Allah at all times… so that we can be successful.

May Allah help us to remember this always… ameen


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