recipe for success

Today I read the following quotation which goes like this :

Know that you yourself are a miracle

and believe that you can make miracles happen

by thinking, praying, believing, working hard and by helping people

So you see it is the perfect sequence:

Whatever you want to accomplish in life it should have the right thinking behind it… like you make a good intention that inshaAllah I will raise my children as true muslims so that Allah grants me Paradise and my children as well.

Next step is Praying

What we do wrong is that as soon as we think of something we rush to do it without first asking for Allah’s help. And we forget that the power to do anything is not with us but with Allah. So every significant job should be backed up with duas… and even if you are in a hurry we have been taught such a short and comprehensive dua “bismillahir-rahmaanir-rahim”

The third step is believing

Which means that we should have belief that Allah will help me and will make my job easy for me… doing something halfheartedly or without hope of success, hardly ever brings any positive results

The fourth step is working hard… you see how balanced our religion is! we are not encouraged to work without prayers and we are neither encouraged to just depend on prayers and do nothing about it. In fact Islam is all about hard work and consistent efforts… Jehad… that is what it means… utmost struggle

and then the last thing which might not seem directly relevant to our targets but is highly valued by Allah and that is helping people. You must be fully focused in your projects but from time to time you must look out of your comfortable zone towards other people who are also struggling with their goals and if you can help them then it will make Allah very pleased with you and in turn He will send His help in an even profound way.. inshaAllah


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