the power of Zikr

We have all heard and read so much about zikr… which means remembrance of Allah that there seems no need to get any new information about it but I have always remained very curious on what exactly is Zikr and why is it so important.  Specially when I read the verse that ” verily in Allah’s remembrance do hearts find peace” or the verse in which Allah says ” and verily Allah’s remembrance is the greatest thing”  So I have tried to maintain a regular routine of  duas and Tasbeeh in order to gain its benefits in duniya (peace of heart) and akhirah (reward).  But recently I found that the greatest benefit of zikr is that it makes us believe more and more in Allah’s constant presence in our lives and so in all times one feels strong because of this feeling that Allah is with me and that I am not alone.  What happened was that I came to know that one of my dearest friend was in town and so I wanted desperately to go to meet her; but due to some unavoidable reasons I just could not go… this was such a disappointment that my heart refused to accept that I could be trapped like this… and so I started blaming the unfairness of the situation; when suddenly I remembered that just yesterday I was telling someone that no matter what happens we should always praise Allah and say Alhamdulillahi ala kulli haal (all thanks to Allah in all situations) and so despite my aching heart I started saying these words again and again… in just a few moments I began to feel like some invisible hand was comforting my burning heart…. cooling the fire of anger and self pity and replacing it with composure and PEACE… I was simply stunned with this almost MAGICAL transformation of my feelings…

And so I realized that how much Allah loves us that He has given us this amazing tool which we can use in all situations. Especially if you keep remembring Him in happiness He will remind you to do zikr when you are upset:) It is just so simple and “do-able”

So next time you feel the urge to dump your anger or frustration on yourself or others… just remember that you are just a moment away from gaining a million blessings by doing Zikr… and if you miss that moment then there is nothing gained but added frustration and heartache… Therefore do yourself a favour and make a habit of zikr so that you might get the power of faith and happiness of His love and comfort of His presence… Ameen


5 thoughts on “the power of Zikr

  1. Assalamalikum sister,

    subhanAllah I totally agree with you sister.I often used to wonder about people who say or claim that they find peace or sakinah in zikr of Allah SWT.It really does happen.Over a period of time when you train yourself to remember Allah SWT silently in your heart or on your tongue while going about your duties or household chores, you really do find yourself calming down.You do feel a difference in your manners and reactions towards people.You feel some kind of tranqulity and also sabr like you’ve never felt before.

    SubhanAllah ….Please remember me in your duas sister that Allah SWT help me and guide me .

  2. Dearest,
    I’ve been really touched by this article. How you profoundly brought up the exact meaning of tranquility that zikr have. Quite the same as your despair, I’m currently on the situation where I had to had my grip whereas my temper were also unstable. I’m not really that religious on my daily base, only to fulfill 5 times prayer a day is enough for me. Besides that, I have such hectic works and jobs to deal with every single day. Today, I’m facing the situation where one thing is really out of my control, I got fraud. The amount of money I lost is quite a lot, but my mind has been so tactical on took the grip of logical stand out. I am holding myself to keep on clear thought where I can do something about this (I mean for the fraud, I will manage to process it legally, wish me luck), yet I can’t lie about my heart that keep on poundering. I took pray on quite different way I should say, it felt kinda heavy where my thought keep on hostiled on what I should do immediately. I convince myself that it’s not for the sake of revenge (astagfirullah), it purely for justice since I kept the transaction and evidence very well. Sometime before this moment, I took the tasbih (that this used commonly for zkir ritual, you know) and use it properly as zkir works. What I need to point here is that I’m not intent to actually do this, my heart just grab the tasbih and goes the repentance of what happen. I could feel that myself keep on calling Allah, yet still in such weary heart. I could feel something wrong, I paused and silent myself for awhile as I (felt kinda bored, though) grab my phone to search zkir article that could give me such sight. And (hamdallah), I fell into this wonderfull site in this article of yours. The early line that stated “But recently I found that the greatest benefit of zikr is that it makes us believe more and more in Allah’s constant presence in our lives and so in all times one feels strong because of this feeling that Allah is with me and that I am not alone.” It can’t be any truer for my current condition, I am all alone, living alone, figured the fraud fact after office hour, and feel kinda bad to share such bad news as if I wished others to mourn for me, et cetera et cetera. Myself had intrigued that Allah is the One who will always be there for me without I had to ask. Usually, on some despairs, I cried for regret, even to just blame how could the situation be given to me. But this time, as I can admit is not a light one, I can’t burst myself into tears, until… I realized that Allah is always there for me and this amazing zkir is one of so many ways. And that’s such relieve tears that would give me more strength to keep on doing what I believe on Allah’s guidance. This comment is kinda long and poorly written, I just wanted to share how this magical thing could occur to me from your amazing article of powerful zkir.
    Salam, peace and love on Allah’s name.

    • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
      I am just so very grateful to you for reminding me once again of the beauty and joy of Zikr. Because you know one writes and forgets just like we dont quite remember all that we say.
      You know the amazing thing is that the other day I was trying to recall the exact moment when I “practically” stepped into my religion… and I remembered that the first thing which my father taught me was to do tasbih “REGULARLY”. Although at that time I did not understand what could be the use of saying some words over and over again but it changed the course of my life… in other words ZIKR changed my destiny!!!
      I pray for you from the depth of my heart that may Allah solve your problems very soon and lead you to the light of his love and constant remembrance. I can recommend the following web site to you where you can find loads and loads of duas… authentic duas inshaAllah. may Allah benefit you a lot…

  3. As-Salaamu-Alaykum, Dearest Muslim, its always a pleasure to see for ourselves the affects that the Zikr of Allah has in our day-to-day lives. Your story inspires and uplifts me and Alhamdulillah that there are people in the world like yourself who truly understand the benefits and power of Zikr. I have had and continue to have many incidents like that and I have found that the continuous and excessive practice of Zikr in my daily life can make profound and miraculous changes. I like to say “istaghfirullahil Azeem” and other phrases of forgiveness many times a day because I read somewhere the following hadith:
    “Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “If anyone constantly seeks pardon (from Allah), Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.” [Abu Dawud].
    What I believe is that we are drawn to the type of Zikr that we really need in our lives, and people who are accustomed to doing a lot of Zikr daily will repeat the phrases that bring them closest to Allah. For me it is Istaghfirullah, for someone else Alhamdulillah, and for still another person it’s another wonderful phrases of remembrance. The most important thing as you mentioned in your post is that we remember Allah and draw close to Him frequently. Thank you, dear Muslim, for inspiring me even more to stick constantly to the Zikr of Allah. Its effects are priceless! Wa Salaam!

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