that “one” thing…

It is Allah’s great blessing that in each and everyone of us there is a special talent, a unique quality of character which we can use to serve our responsibility i.e. to call people to Allah.  But after the initial joy of discovery and the pleasure of using this talent there comes a time when we might face an obstacle in our path or the task becomes heavy and difficult. In such times one takes a break and this is where shaitan gets hold of our hearts and he makes us lose hope. So the committment looms large like an inconquerable mountain, depressing us into further lethargy…. this is what happened with me over the last five moths when my writing dwindled into nothingness and I began to have this doubt that I will never be able to write any Quran review again.  I tried to work really hard in other forms of worship to sort of compensate for my gap in the writing but I just didn’t get that peace of mind until yesterday I really spent some time alone with Allah and begged Him to take me back in the folds of His mercy and enable me to complete my assignment which I had started three years ago.  Alhamdulillah I got my answer that if I really want to write then I will have to give up the distractions which have sprouted in my life… I will have to motivate my nafs instead of waiting for some rain of self-motivation… And so after five long months of spiritual drought finally, finally I got my review done…

Just like in some human relationship we try to please the other person but there is one need of his which we must keep satisfying otherwise whatever else you do for him doesn’t count at all… similarly there is this one special thing you do for Allah which matters the most and if you don’t keep up with your commitment then no matter what else you might do for him, there will always be an emptiness in your heart which can not be filled with any other thing… except by doing what matters the most. And for that you have to fight two wars at the same time… one is with the devil and the other is with your own desires. A wise man once said, ” Jannat is just two steps away… if you can keep one step on your desires then the next step will be in Jannat”!!

May Allah always keep us connected to Him and may we fulfill our commitments with Him in the best of manner…. ameen


One thought on “that “one” thing…

  1. may Allah always give us strength in doing da’wah, ‘call people to Allah’.. it is not an easy task.. sometimes, people come nearer to you, and sometimes, people ‘run’, ignoring you…
    dont lose hope..may Allah help us in ease and difficulty

    ps: keep writing bro/sis! i always follow ur blog.. hehe

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