A Great Reminder and eye opener

I was just browsing through my documents when I found this excellent article. I thought inshaAllah it will be a good reminder for all those who are sad at the departure of this great month of Ramadaan:

A Farewell to Ramadan

by Ibn El-Sheikh El-Misri

Here we are; yet another Ramadan has past us by, yet another Ramadan we find ourselves bidding farewell to. Farewell to the month of good manners, farewell to the month of kindness, farewell to the month of generosity, farewell to the month of mercy, farewell to the month of discipline.

Ramadan to us was nothing but a school and a teacher. We all attended this school whether we wanted to or not. Some of us achieved great marks during it, some accomplished average marks, and some, and Allah is the source of all strength and mercy, attained failing marks.

Unfortunately, I am finding myself realizing a disturbing trend amongst us Muslims that we take astonishing steps forward during Ramadan. Our manners improve without borders; our worship is both increased in amount and in sincerity and our generosity is unsurpassed. But as we takes these great steps forward during Ramadan, we seem to end up taking far more steps backwards as the year progresses. For every step forward during Ramadan, we’ll take two steps backwards during the rest of the year, and that is undoubtedly a major problem from the problems plaguing our honorable nation.

So I can’t help but take it as a personal obligation to remind my fellow Muslims, just like Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) reminded them when he said:

O People! If anyone among you worshipped Muhammad (peace be upon him), let him know that Muhammad is dead. But those who worshipped Allah let them know that He lives and will never die.

So O Muslims! If anyone among you worshipped Ramadan, then know that Ramadan is dead. But those of you who worshipped Allah, then know that Allah lives and will never die. Indeed Allah created Ramadan and He also, in truth, created Shawaal, Dhul Qidah, Dhul Hijjah, and all the rest of the Months.

Rise in the last third of the night and pray like you prayed in Ramadan. Fast with the same strong-willed conscious effort as you did during Ramadan (eg, 6 fasts of Shawwal; fast of every Monday and Thursday; the 13th,14th and 15th of each lunar month; or that of 9th and 10th Muharram, as per the Sunnah). Fill the Masjids like you did during Ramadan. Let the Ummah boast huge numbers during Salatul Fajr as we do during Salatul Jum’ah. And always, always, remember that you may not see the next Ramadan.

Ramadan came to us as a school, one to renew and recharge our Eman. Now that it has completed its objective and given us a graceful and beautiful uplifting of Eman, it is now upon is to remain constant upon what it has given us.

{And verily, I am indeed Forgiving to him who repents, believes (in My Oneness, and associates none in worship with Me) and does righteous good deeds, and then remains constant in doing them , (till his death).} (Taha, 82)


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