why do you eat?

I am often telling people that just as you need food daily and at different time intervals, similarly you need spiritual food for your soul in the form of Knowledge and understanding of Quran and Hadith. It keeps your soul alive just as the food keeps you alive. But lately I have been focusing a lot on why is knowledge not making me into the kind of person that I want to be?

This morning I got the answer while I was having breakfast!!  I thought about the various effects of food and related it to spiritual food. The first thing about food is that it makes us feel good just by looking at it. And here I am talking about a person who is hungry and has desire for food. The same way if you are really craving for knowledge it makes you feel so good just by looking at a book. As soon as you start eating, you feel two things… the fragrance and the flavour… and it gives you pleasure even before satisfying your hunger. Then bit by bit you feel satiated and feel so comfortable and satisfied that you are now full… But this contentment is not the objective or purpose of food. You eat to get energy for work. If you don’t work and go to sleep… what do you get? Heartburn and stuffiness… According to the Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w) if you sleep after eating your heart gets hard…

Same is the case with knowledge. You enjoy its taste and the feeling of getting filled up with information which touches your intellect. It is a great feeling when after the completion of a course you feel so “full” of good beneficial knowledge and you feel that Allah must love you so much now that you have sacrificed your time and life in acquiring knowledge of His book and about His Prophet (s.a.w) but this contentment and pleasure is not the purpose of the studies. The objective was to get knowledge to be able to work in the right direction and do good deeds for the sake of Allah with the correct understanding and spirit. But if you just sleep on it, the heart will get hard and you will feel heartache and stiffness in your soul…

Why? Because accumulated knowledge is as harmful as accumulated food. Both should be used in positive work. The more you work the more your food will be digested and will be converted into solid strength of your muscles and bones. Proper circulation will improve the condition of your heart making it more flexible and strong. Just the same way, knowledge if worked upon will get absorbed into your personality and character and the more you exert yourself in acting upon it and sharing it with others, the more it will give strength and determination to your soul. A strong body will be able to resist against diseases and a strong soul will be able to withstand the attacks of the shaitan.

So if your heart feels hard and you feel like your knowledge is not giving you the kind of character which you had envisioned then take a look at your way of doing things… are you satisfied with just being content or are you making efforts to use your resources in the best possible way?

Whatever you do just be careful that don’t go to sleep after being full… make yourself work and digest your intake and use the energy for your benefit as well as the benefit of all mankind. This is the only way to avoid heartburn!




5 thoughts on “why do you eat?

  1. Excellent, excellent writing, eye opening, heart warming, breathtaking and iman elevating article…..pl keep on writing. jazakallahu kharain kaseera kaseera.

    • JazakAllah khairan for this heartwarming comment. I am so grateful to Allah Ta’ala that He lets me share some good thoughts that He puts in my mind. May Allah help us to act on what we learn. Ameen

  2. excellent eyeopener. jazakallah khair for sharing your view with us.i will email this article to all my friends inshallah

    • Dear Shayistha, Assalamualaikum
      I am so grateful to Allah that He gave me the chance to spread His message. You are most welcome to re-publish any article you want. Have you read the Quran reviews on this page? I have written them with a great desire to spread this beautiful Message of Allah in the whole world. Do have a look and if you want you can publish those as well or send them to your friends. Together we can help so many people come out of confusion and enter into the light of truth.
      JazakAllah khairan kaseeran

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