Pay Attention to the call…

I was listening to a lecture about the special Ibaadah of Friday and one of the etiquettes was to listen to the Azan (the call to prayer) with concentration and to make dua after it. The scholar said that the logic behind this is that the Azan is a most blessed time. In fact this is the first step of the Salah. It is like Allah is calling you to pay attention to your reality. Because in our routine life we are so busy with our tasks that we forget that it is Allah who is enabling us to do things; and it is for Allah, that we are working; and it is Allah from whom we expect our reward. Thus Azan is the time when we are reminded of all these facts. But if during that time you keep talking or doing other things then how can you expect your heart to be attentive in Salah when you did not make it attentive on the first call?

The second thing is that no dua is rejected which is made right after Azan. We all have so many dreams, ambitions, goals. We want Allah to accept our duas and thus Allah has given us these special moments in which there is such a great chance to Ask Allah All that we want.

Since that day I have been applying this lesson and I have been amazed at the change in my attitude. For me Azan used to be a call to duty… a reminder that I “have to” leave my work now and “have to” pray Salah. But now it is a call for me to take a break from my work, to go to the window and look out at the creation of Allah, to listen to the echo of the beautiful words of Azan, to repeat them after the Mu’azzin, and to think about the One Who has given me everything, to visualize all my dreams and to believe that He can and He will make them true, if I remain true in my faith and commitment.

It is like every time my bond with Allah gets stronger and my hope in His mercy is enriched. Focus in Azan makes me focused in Salah too. And if at times I am too busy in some work, even if it is for Allah, and I miss Azan, I feel so sorry because it shows that I have given more preference to the work and ignored the call of the one who has given me the ability to work. Shaitan is ever ready to give us excuses and we are so eager to accept them but Allah is the Greatest with whose help and guidance we can choose what is good for us and what is not.

May Allah guide us all to the best use of all His blessings and make our hearts attentive to His call…


4 thoughts on “Pay Attention to the call…

  1. Reblogged this on The Seekers Path and commented:

    wanting to write for such a long time but couldn’t quite get myself to do so… anyway I thought to re-blog this post to get things started one way or the other… may Allah help me to always keep it going ameen… read on and let me know what you think!!

  2. Jzk khair . I have never thought of azaan in such a way . Sadly for us people in west who can’t listen to azaan , it’s hard to inculcate these beautiful thoughts about Allah SWT . Any suggestions or tips ?

    • Assalamualaikum and May Allah bless you for taking the time to give me your precious feedback… jazakAllah khairan kaseeran…. yes it is surely a sad thing to miss hearing the azaan but to every problem there is a solution. The one that comes to my mind is that you can upload some software on your computer which will play the azaan on the times you specify. Then you can answer it the same way as you would do to a real azaan. Secondly you could teach your kids to make azaan and it would be a real treat to hear them… thirdly you could yourself just say the azaan to yourself and create that special feeling in your heart by imagining how pleased Allah would be to see you giving honour to his call specially in an environment which is devoid of spirituality.I pray that Allah keeps you and me and all of us on the straight path with humility and sincerity and accept our humble efforts ameeeeeeeeeen

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