pull or push

‘An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.’

(Following is a reflection on the above quote)

InshaAllah I am focusing on this specially with my family. I used to think they are so hard hearted or stubborn that they are not listening to me but now I feel that unless they see any positive change in me they will not be impressed with religion like I want them to be.

Today I was convincing a friend to join some Quran class. She had studied Quran at an Islamic centre but left at 23rd Para due to some domestic problems. Anyway she was a most enthusiastic learner. Well after I talked to her today, she was very happy and agreed to come tomorrow to join a weekly class. Just before the end of conversation she thanked me and said: “I am so glad you called. I really needed someone like you to give me the push I needed” At first I thought that I just hope that Allah likes my efforts but then her words kept echoing in my heart. I thought to myself am I being happy in praise? Or do I like myself for doing such a small thing; while the major tasks of my life are still undone? Why you are so much struck with her words? And then it dawned on me that the key word which was trying to find its way in front of my mind was “push”… Ya Allah… maybe this is the reason behind the lack of interest in my children. Maybe I am pushing them? Maybe what they need is a “pull” and not a Push. For the ones who are already motivated, my push is very beneficial because that is what they need. But for the stubborn ones I will have to be the kind of person which they like and then pull them lovingly into the right way of life… the way of Allah… INSHAALLAH




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