Go and tell Allah!

I have learned from my ups and downs this past week that there are some things or habits which we identify as our “problems” and they stop affecting our hearts when we are busy in doing some positive things for our Akhirat but the moment we become idle due to illness or becoming busy with the affairs of the duniya (or because of just laziness); the same “Problems” come back to attack our hearts and make us hopeless and thoroughly disgusted with everything. Therefore for myself I have diagnosed that the only thing that can save me from riding this roller coaster of emotions is to share my “problems” with Allah. Normally we are not used to sharing things with Allah because we think it to be unnecessary… we think it is not needed because he already knows everything so I how can I tell him something which is already in his knowledge? But finally I have understood that it is for our own benefit. I have realized that when we talk to Allah in an audible voice even if it is a whisper, the words have an effect on our own heart in such a way that we begin to see clearly about the issues which are bothering us. Normally when we keep some sorrow, resentment or confusion hidden inside the heart then it gets more and more entangled, as it goes round and round in our minds… But if we take it out in front of Allah and put it into words then Allah makes us understand the issue and also guides our heart to the best solution. The problem is that we average muslims have a very weak faith and it goes even weaker when we are under the negative effects of our own thoughts mixed up with the whispers of the devil. So the best thing might be to write such reminders in a diary so that when we are thrown into a sea of confusion, anger or sorrow, we can read the reminder and “force” ourselves into sitting and talking to Allah immediately….without delaying for the “perfect time” because when we delay then it becomes more and more difficult to come out of the depressive mood. There is also this chance that before you talk to Allah you will blurt it out with some person and since human beings are unable to solve your problems you will be further frustrated and the devil will make you say things in resentment which you will later regret. So the key to patience is to talk to Allah the moment anything makes you irritated and bring your heart into peace with the help of Allah. May Allah help us act on what we learn…Ameen



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