Resolutions for the new year…

Thinking on the new year resolutions I thought that instead of going straight to the targets which I want to achieve maybe I need to look into my attitude and try to find out why I don’t manage to complete what I start and why am I always lagging behind the targets I set for myself? After much thinking I have found that although I can name many reasons (excuses) for not doing things which I have to do but then all those reasons did not prevent me from doing what I have done…so how did I do that? It means that no matter how many problems we have we still manage to do the things which our minds recognize as “absolutely essential”. So just having a desire to reach a goal is not going to take me there. Rather I should have a firm conviction in the utmost necessity of doing a particular task at a particular time, knowing very clearly the benefits of doing so as well as the awareness of loss in not doing it.
Every single day I should look at my planner and ask myself:
1- Do I really want to do these things?
2- Why do I want to do it?
3- What is the advantage?
4- What will I lose if I don’t do it?
5- How much time do I have?
6- If I am putting things off into an uncertain tomorrow then who am I fooling?
7- Will it be ok if I go from this world without doing anything substantial for my Akhirah?
8- What if I know today is my last day of this life…will I still be lazy?
9- How do I know that it is not the last day?
10- Then why am I content with my lukewarm efforts?




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