True Story

This story was told by a True Muslim living in a town near Riyadh , Saudi Arabia . He so narrated it;

A religious lady in his town; was a confirmed blood cancer patient and following her treatment in a hospital there.

For her attendance and daily services she hired an Indonesian maid. Within a week of after her arrival the lady noticed that she frequently visits wash room and takes unusually long time there.

The lady got cautioned and enquired the maid for her abnormal behavior to stay in the toilet for long periods.

The maid started crying and told that she had given birth to a baby boy only twenty days before and she needed to extract the extra natural feed to avoid pain etc. etc. And that her family needed the money badly, so she left the child and came to Saudi Arabia as soon as she was offered this job.

The Saudi lady was shocked to hear the sad story. She immediately took a very noble decision;
She arranged for her (maid) a re-entry visa and paid full compensation for that period with a return ticket to Indonesia . Not only that, but also she paid (the maid) full benefits for the two whole contracted years. Also she gave her own contacts to the maid, in case she would like to come back again. The maid left praying for the noble lady.

Few days after the maid had departed the lady went to the hospital for a routine check of her treatment. There was miraculous surprise for the lady when the doctor saw her test results this time.

The doctor was amazingly shocked to find her recovered from the deadly disease. He recommended the tests to be repeated in several ways but the result showed no traces of the cancerous germs at all. Finally, he recommended an MRI report BUT only to find a “0 % cancer germs”. Then, he was convinced of her complete recovery.

The doctor then asked the lady of what treatment she had undergone otherwise. The noble lady quoted one Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PABUH) which means;

” CURE your illnesses by offering ‘ SADAQAT’ ”

So, she did this with full believe in Allah and his Last prophet and was rewarded to get rid of her deadly disease

Allah may bless all of us with such kind deeds.

Please spread this Hadith


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