tajweed and life…

Today I attended a Tajweed class, in which we learn the proper way to recite the Quran. As I was concentrating on the words I thought why Allah kept himself hidden…How difficult it is to Love and fear Him when we can’t even see him and the result is that we love and fear only those whom we can see. Suddenly Allah gave me this answer that when you were studying Quran, online, five years ago and felt so much love and respect for your teacher, had you seen her? You admired her for the way she talked about Islam and Quran and the various problems of our lives. So if you focus on what Allah is saying to you in His Book you can love Him too….and I was so happy to discover the possibility of attaining that level even if I am not there yet but I felt so excited that at least it is possible. And then this other point also filled my heart with joy that we love it so much if someone writes to us and it is such a great feeling to read what they have written specially for us….like pen friends who have not seen each other….well If we read Quran with this spirit then it will also be a means to reach our destination which is the correct recognition of Allah and consequently the purest love of his nearness and the scariest fear of being separated from His Mercy.

Also one other thing…when we recited the last verse of the lesson, it was a long one so after the class had read it, the teacher asked: “what did you feel while reading it” and most people replied that it was very long…and so she said with such a loving smile: “If you begin the ayah with this feeling that it is too long then you will try and rush towards the end and consequently will make a lot of mistakes on the way. The best way to go through long verses is to focus on one word at a time and try to say it most beautifully before going to the next and so step by step the ayah will be completed. Also there will be stops in between where you might rest and take a deep breath before resuming the recitation.”

Although she had just explained a very good rule of tajweed which I had never known before but for me it was like she had solved the mystery of life for me…the road to Allah’s pleasure is a long one and has many tests and difficult spots but don’t overwhelm yourself with worry at the beginning, rather take one step at a time and whatever needs to be done, just do that with a good heart and excellence of effort and InshaAllah, step by step we might one day reach a good end….and most important: since we are not perpetual machines so do take a break at appropriate intervals so that you can recharge yourself for the long journey ahead.

 May Allah guide us to the best way of life….Ameen



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