Allah’s help

At the end of verse 40 of surah Al-Hajj Allah says walayansuranna Allahu man yansuruhu inna Allaha laqawiyyun AAazeezun

Which means

Surely, Allah will definitely help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allah is All-Strong, All-Mighty.

I had always been so fascinated with this concept that a person is busy spreading Allah’s deen, in other words doing Allah’s work and on the other hand Allah is doing all his works for him. Even otherwise we know that all power is in Allah’s hands and He is the one who is doing everything but there is a unique charm in the feeling that Allah is helping me because I am His worker!!

There are highs and lows in every job and specially in the way of Allah there are sure to be tests which often leave you exhausted and weak; both physically and emotionally…but then Allah is so kind that He shows some of His signs by which the faith is re-charged with the happiness that He is very near and He has not forgotten you!! One such incident which brightened my heart was a few days ago when I had to go to the bank for the payment of university fees for my daughter. I was avoiding this trip because of two reasons. One was the long drive in this crazy traffic and secondly I hate filling forms and handling money matters. But I had no choice so I went with the same intention that maybe Allah will take some work from me….

As I had expected there came up some complications and the supervisor at the customer services told me that it was not possible to make the demand draft, because they needed some documents which I didn’t have, so I should come after the weekend. I got up to leave but then I remembered that it was the last date so I asked him to look for some other solution. He said ok I will see what I can do…. I took out my Quran and started reading it while the he got busy in papers and forms…

After a while I noticed that on the next desk two girls were sitting. One of them was obviously working there but the other one was just sitting there doing nothing. I asked her was she waiting for anything? She said no she was doing her training there…I asked what is her routine as she seems to have no work…she replied that today I am free otherwise I have lots of things to do. I suggested to her why don’t you keep a book in your bag for such times and do some reading instead of losing time. Just this one sentence, said very softly, seemed to go to her heart and she asked “Aunty where have you studied from?” And so I told her that I was a student of the Quran and it was the most enlightening knowledge in the world. We must all study it and implement it in our lives. She said she had no time as she was attending college in the evening and doing her bank internship in the mornings but she asked me how she could learn Quran too. I explained to her how to get online lectures of Tafseer and devote only one or half hour daily on a regular basis and InshaAllah drop by drop the love of Quran will make its own way into her heart and consequently in her life. Just by listening to my experiences and how the Quran had given me a new life, she seemed to be glowing with happiness of having found something great. During this the other girl also joined in the discussion and told me she had graduated from an Islamic institute several years ago and that my words had refreshed all the memories of her time with Quran. You just can’t imagine how the happiness was shining in their eyes making me forget that it was a bank or that I had still some job to do….

Although some time must have passed but to me it seemed like only seconds later the officer  appeared and handed me the receipt of the demand draft which he had got made through his own account so I didn’t have to even put in my signatures or do any form filling etc. For a moment I was speechless with relief but then I looked at the two girls and said to them “see the miracle of Quran! While I was busy introducing it to you, Allah made these same people into angels who were doing my work for me!! What more proof do we need to surrender our lives to Allah and learn and spread the Quran…?



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