want more? do more!

Few days back I called a friend from my mobile only to discover that my balance had come to an end. And I got the following message

 Aap ki matlooba call aap ki mojooda raqam say ziaada hay….. (Your desired call costs more than your present balance)

This line got stuck in my mind and kept playing back in my memory and I wondered what is so special about it….until a couple of days later when I sat down to make my monthly planner I almost heard this voice inside me …..

Aap ka Matlooba level of ilm and imaan Aap ki mojooda koshish say ziada hay…. (Your desired level of knowledge and faith is greater than your present standard of efforts)

And so I realised the truth that often I just “dream” of things and my efforts are scattered and weak. Also when we say that “we make so much effort but it doesn’t seem to work”

We rarely define to ourselves what effort we have really made? And in what direction?

The MAIN thing is that our efforts lack planning. So they lose effect.

   Therefore to achieve the “desired” results we need to put in the right amount of effort in the right direction at the right time and with proper evaluation of our capacities and targets.

May Allah guide us all Ameen



One thought on “want more? do more!

  1. It’s mashaAllah amazing how nicely you manage to use every day life examples and put them in islamic context…or rather relate them with Islam. 🙂

    Jazak Allah. I really mashaAllah like your blog and I get a lot of inspiration from your words too.

    I have once again a request (sorry, I just come in with my requests all the time – in fact I wish you had a whole page just for those who have some requests – I am sure, I will be frequent in asking even :)). I hope you don’t mind it.

    I have read a lot on Istikhara but sadly all the reading has left me confused only. Who is eligible to do it? Can those who do not pray regularly do Istikhara as well? How to do it? What to expect? All the topic related to dreams and their interpretations… I’d be really very thankful if you write something on this topic too. I was considering asking someone to do Istikhara for me … but I need to have clear concept of it first.

    JazakAllah for all your effort.

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