Sabar (patience) brings happiness!

 A friend of mine invited me to spend some time with her. It had been quite some time since I had talked to her so I felt pretty excited at the thought of meeting her.

But when I went to her place she had quite a lot of work piled up. In fact she had forgotten that I was coming at all !! Naturally I felt rather left out as she was on the phone and planning her official meetings and all. In between she tried to fit me in but of course it was not working as we had planned, to say the least.

I had even sent back my driver so could not go back home either. Trying to look composed, I thought what to do? Suddenly I remembered that I had the Quran with me in my bag . And maybe I could try and read that instead of sitting idle.

 Previously whenever I had tried to read it in a flow I used to get blocked with one word or the other and needed to have a translation at hand. But this time it was as if Allah Ta’ala was speaking and I was listening with complete concentration and understanding. What a blessing !!

  When my hostess would take a break, I would close the Quran and talk to her and when she got another call I resumed my reading. I was amazed how it was just like a sort of story book in which you jump from one line to the next with anticipation and suspense. I was loving it !!. I would feel almost sorry when I had to close it in between.

          After about an hour or so , it was time to go home. As I sat in the car , a wave of self pity washed over me and I felt so alone and friendless  But then Allah poured peace in my heart and I almost laughed at the delight of my discovery………I DO have a friend who will always be there for me. It is my QURAN. And I can read it now. I understood then that due to sitting idle, having nothing to do or to say,  my brain was working almost double  than its usual  speed  and of course it was Allah’s way of telling me that if you keep your emotions in control not for the fear of people but for the fear of Allah then He rewards you in totally unexpected ways. In that struggle I also learnt that I could also  do Sabar if I tried hard enoughJ

   As it happened, we met again the other day  and she said that she had wanted to call me in the evening to say that it was a bad day and she couldn’t handle anything very well. I replied with a most sunny smile that “ I am sorry if it was a bad day for you but for me it was a very good day because I learnt to read the Quran !!”



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