Clean hearts and clean clothes!!

Following were the comments I wrote after I studied Surah Al-Muddassir for the first time…three years back.

What a wonderful lesson it was. As I was going through the tafseer, I felt as if Allah SWT is showing me exactly how I had messed up my life and remained in a state of constant restlessness. One BIG factor that destroys our relationship both with Allah and with people is that we constantly seek reward in the form of appreciation and acknowledgement for whatever efforts we make. And even if we ourselves don’t feel the need, other well -wishers will interfere into our normal happy life and say things like: “Oh how badly you are being used!” or “Why are you so obedient to everyone around? Why don’t you take a stand for yourself?” or “Oh! Are you just a housewife? What a dreadful job which neither gets paid nor is ever appreciated.” 

That is why when we take up our religion as a mission, people don’t understand it. “What are you getting out of it?” they ask, “Will you get a job?”

Our whole life revolves around this concept of being rewarded. And since it is not possible for people to truly appreciate or reciprocate your love and care then you feel rejected and spend a life of constant self-pity and resentment towards others.

From Allah SWT too, we want the rewards to shower down upon us day and night, never understanding that this life is only a test. The results will be shown later on.

Sometimes I think that Akhirah should be talked about more and more so as to make our minds receptive to this one big truth. Unless and until we train ourselves to absorb this fact we can never really work to our utmost capabilities.

The other important thing about this lesson was the concept of cleanliness. It reminded me of the time when my daughter was a baby. She was the centre of my universe back then, being the first born and remaining an only child for four years before Allah SWT gave me a son. Well I cared for her a lot and earned the title of “Wehmi” because I always kept her clean. I never compromised on clean clothes and clean food. No junk foods for my baby thank you very much! And I was often criticized for that. Today MashaAllah she is as particular about her hygiene as ever. So good habits must be instilled from the very beginning if possible.



2 thoughts on “Clean hearts and clean clothes!!

  1. so true, we seek appreciation in every little thing we do and this is really wrong. we should do things for Allah and He knows about our deeds and intentions – always…so what is the need to go around and announce a particular ‘good’ dead we have done?

  2. Some times we do need to tell others about something good that we have done because they can also get an idea and inspiration. The problem is the intention where one wants to be appreciated by people…this is wrong.

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