Opening closed doors

We should read Surah Mulk every night because this is the Sunnah of our Beloved Holy Prophet (s.a.w) but it was only when I listened to its explanation during my taleem-ul-Quran course that I fully understood its message and its significance as a daily reminder…Following is the comment I wrote after the lesson:

This lesson of Surah Al-Mulk has opened up many closed doors of my mind. So many things that we have already learned have attained a more solid shape. For instance, the concept of ‘Ahsan Amal’ (beautiful deeds)…Day in and day out we search for the most beautiful level of achievement but since we don’t have any accurate definition to guide us we just go around in circles, never attaining that peace of heart and soul. What I am most impressed with is the way Quran has linked Ibadah with Ahsan amal. In fact both are the same thing. It is really so good to be clear about the criteria of how to judge our own self.

The second important thing that I learned today was the exact meaning of the word ‘shukr’ (gratitude) which we so randomly use and misuse (Ayat 23). It doesn’t mean that we are just very pleased with something Allah SWT has bestowed upon us. Rather shukr is the realization of the true worth of Allah SWT’s blessings and then to think about and work towards making that blessing a means to earn the rewards of akhirah.

Today I have also reached the conclusion that Islam is all about ‘consciousness’. This, I suppose, is the key word that enables us to live our lives according to the way Allah SWT had meant for us. ‘Allah-consciousness’ is Taqwa, whether alone or in company. ‘Blessing-consciousness’ is shukr. ‘Human-consciousness’ leads us to fulfill huqooq-ul-ibaad (the rights of people) and so on.

Sometimes I think that in my case even being ‘Shaitaan-conscious’ helps me to avoid mistakes! And then of course there is ‘self-consciousness’ too. I have to be conscious whether I am writing this mail as a student of Quran or merely serving my ego, trying to impress you by my analysis? At times the answers are not that easy. Really its Allah SWT Himself Who holds me on the right track otherwise my “self” is enough to mislead me if Allah SWT doesn’t help me. Can I ever thank Him enough for this one huge favour upon me?


One thought on “Opening closed doors

  1. Assalamualykum wr wb

    Jazakallhukahir sister for sharing your thoughts

    Alhamdulillah it’s really learning point for me in which you have talked about conciousness. Really we have to think about this conciousness evry second so we can reach to the highest level of taqwa.

    May Allah(swt) helps us.


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