Words of caution

Recently I got this mail from my friend. In it there is great lesson for us specially in these times of troubles and trials.

Al-Fudhail ibn ‘Iyaadhh said: “Whoever complains about a calamity which comes his way it is as if he has complained against his Lord.”

It has been said: “Four things of the treasures of paradise: concealing a calamity, concealing the giving of charity, concealing your need and concealing pain.”

Shuraih once heard a friend complaining about some difficulty which has come his way. He took him by the hand and said: “Beware of taking your troubles to other than Allah. For the one to whom you confide can only be either a friend or an enemy. If he is a friend, then you will make him sad for you and he cannot benefit you anyway. If he is an enemy, he will be pleased and take some advantage over you. Look at this eye of mine. By Allah, I have not seen any person or the way to go with it for fifteen years and I have never told anyone about it until this moment. Have you not heard the statement of the righteous slave (Ya’qoob): “I only raise my distress and my grief to Allah”. So, make Allah the one to whom you take your troubles and your grief when anything bad happens to you. He is the most gracious of those who are asked and the closest of those who are called.”

Anas reports: “I went with the Prophet (sas) and his son Ibrahim was brough to him and he was in the pains of death. The Prophet (sas) held him while he was in that condition, tears were in his eyes (sas) and he said: “We belong to Allah to to Allah we return. The eye tears and the heart is sad but we do not say except that which is pleasing to our Lord and we are saddened to part from you, O Ibrahim.”


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