Doing everything for Allah

From the Quran I learned the wonderful concept of Khair(goodness)…..Wa ma taf’alu min khairin Ya’lamhullah…….whatever goodness that you do….Allah knows..(chapter-2 verse-197)

On one hand it opens up such a vast opportunity for us to do good…sort of opening our eyes to the endless opportunities of doing good deeds….and secondly it enables us to have a deep and constant bond with Allah because we will be doing everything for the sake of Allah knowing that he knows!! And so this will relieve us from depending on people’s approval. I know it is very hard to resist the pleasure of people’s praise but with constantly diverting your attention to Allah and visualising that He is forever looking at what you are doing……inshaAllah one day it will liberate us from people’s opinions.

And another thing is that we need to refresh our intentions….even for the routine acts that we do for Allah….like Namaz or zikr….or doing little (or big) things for others…If we say just a little reminder in our heart…….I am doing this for Allah and He knows and He will reward me for it…..It will relieve us of the grudges we often feel when others don’t appreciate or reciprocate the way we expect them to do. And so when we are working hard or being patient and calm….while dealing with the difficult people in our lives…..we should work on this formula and inshaAllah we will feel instant pleasure and love for Allah.

Things are not often the way we want them to be but we should keep reminding ourselves that life is a test. Everything that comes our way is a blessing whether we understand it or not. But I am so sure that if we start saying Alhamdulillahi ala kulli haal…..He will make us see the goodness behind every painful thing in our life and so it will be easier to bear. But for this to happen we need to have trust in Allah’s mercy…….to have Iman on Him is the first requirement…….

May Allah give us the complete Iman and the wisdom to act in the best way that Pleases Him….Ameen


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