Hope and acceptance

The past few days have been a real test for me as I recognized in myself the recurrence of signs of an age-old disease, commonly known as depression. I tried to fight it off and gradually bit by bit I have finally managed to come out of its evil grip. All with the help of Allah.

Today was a day of re-evaluation and re-building. I have come up with many ideas but the one thing that stands out from all the rest is that I have viewed the word “acceptance” in a new light. Previously this word used to hit me in the wrong way and even as a child i would refuse to “accept ” life as it was. All my instincts were against “acceptance”. I earned the title of an “ungrateful” person who can’t appreciate what blessings she has got. So from the beginning of the Quran I used to hide my face when the subject of shukur was talked about.

But today I have realized that Acceptance does not mean you should not hope or work towards improvement. So I have written a reminder to myself:

1- I accept the fact that Allah is the best planner and he has already given me numerous blessings for which I should thank him day and night.

2- among these blessings is the urge to succeed and look the best in His eyes

3- I accept the fact that he has blessed me with this vision which goes beyond the apparent possibilities.

4-I also accept that he has given me an unknown time period in this world and things never remain static or unmovable. So I can dream and hope and pray for things that I don’t have or get rid of harmful diseases of the heart and body, which stand in my way to success.

5- I accept that through sincere intention, hard work and PRAYERS (that are an extension of our efforts,) we can achieve whatever He allows.

6- I accept that no other person’s opinion about me can change Allah’s plan for me. If people think I am hopeless it doesn’t mean I have to prove them right!




One thought on “Hope and acceptance

  1. Asalam-a-laikum,

    I really like your blog. Going through it, I came across this post of yours and it somehow described the state I have been going through. Just wanted to thank you for sharing the wonderful reminder. Jazak Allah.

    We tend to ignore what we have and like to think about all those things, which we would like to have (or which we couldn’t have). Often, it is hard to accept that we cannot make things go the way we want them to be. I have learned to accept (or maybe still am trying – Allah knows best) that things happen only when Allah wants them to happen and there is a meaning behind everything.

    I pray that Allah helps us accept what He has destined for us. But I also believe that if we expect the best from Allah, He surely will make sure not to disappoint us. InshaAllah. And as you have mentioned above, it is important to have sincere intentions, to work hard and to keep praying.

    Be well and may Allah be with all of us, Ameen.

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