A Friday last year

My Friday started with a treat that I had promised myself……….that when I will do the review of surah Luqman, I will give myself a treat and make time to listen to the tafseer of Ayat-ul-kursi by Anwar al-Awlaki………I hadn’t known that it would have such a powerful effect on me……….I am literally overwhelmed……..I was just sitting there wide eyed and staring at the computer as if in a trance. This experience of unknown things entering my heart is amazing!……it is just too much to describe in written words. But the least I can say is that TODAY i know Allah a whole lot better than yesterday………so much that I feel as if I had not known Him at all. This has made me realize that when we are trying to live our life FOR Allah then How much important it is to KNOW WHO WE ARE LIVING FOR…………..who is that being from whom we expect reward? If we are not sure about that then our work will be devoid of the sincerity that makes it effective. It also makes me wonder that since we are born muslims therefore it is assumed that we “should” have complete faith in Allah……..so if we have any doubts we keep them hidden for fear that people will not think us good enough. This is a harmful approach because if our trust is shaky then How can we work with full conviction? Therefore it should be encouraged that people may talk about their feelings openly so that problems can be solved instead of just sweeping all the dirt under the carpet.


One thought on “A Friday last year

  1. Touche! I also had the pleasure of listening to Ayat ul Kursi’s tafseer by Awlaki. It’s simply beautiful. His seerah series is also worth a listen!

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