chicken shop?

I was lying in the bed this morning, not feeling well and feeling sorry that How will I ever work for Allah with this poor state of health, when there was a call from a lady. She asked hesitantly:

“Is this the chicken shop?” It seemed so funny to me that I smiled to myself and answered her cheerfully that no it is a house. She apologized and I simply tried to put her at ease by saying, “Please don’t worry it wasn’t your fault”

A few minutes went by and again there was a ring. I saw the number and it was the same one as before. I felt sorry for the woman who will again be embarrassed but I had to pick the phone. I said salaam and she replied, “sorry I just tried again to be sure whether I had dialed correctly” and then she added to my surprise, “there was also another reason to call again…… had spoken so lovingly that I wanted to hear your salaam once more.” I just laughed and she said “you see these days everybody talks to you so stiffly and so painfully that it is a refreshing change to hear some softness.” I wasted no time in telling her that it’s because I have embraced Islam which was my religion by birth but I had not known its beauty until I read the Quran and Hadith. We cannot even talk softly or politely unless we fear Allah’s displeasure, otherwise there would be no reason for us to love anyone or be generous or kind unconditionally. She talked for a while and then thanked me for making her day so pleasant. And I was thankful to Allah that He teaches me so many things even while remaining in my room and on my bed!!


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