A ten point reminder for myself…

1— People and situations are good and bad………we can find good if we focus on that.
2—-even if there is no apparent good there must be something that we cannot see. Believe in the unseen goodness.
3—-analyse and make plans but beleieve in the fact that our analysis and planning is not ideal……..Leave the actual planning to Allah because He knows best
4—-Trust that every situation that has come your way is a test from Allah……….the sight that He has blessed us with both internal and external enables us to analyse the faults………but use this sight as well as insight to “see” the opportunities of improvement……as the saying goes, don’t find fault, find a remedy!
5— Never give up on people whether it is a friend, a student or your own self………there is always something to hope for.
6— Always remember what you have learned by writing out the main points in a journal or on the net so that even if you forget, you will have something to look back upon. Or you might earn a point or two in Akhirah for leaving some good “asar” behind you for someone else who might read that reminder.
7— Be happy that you are a momin and Allah has given you a lifetime to prove it!!
8—- If you think that you are a broken pitcher, that keeps leaking and is never full, Remember that Allah made you like this so that you might spread water and add some green patches along the path that you move.
9—– Never lose Hope because this is against GRATITUDE.
10—–Always appreciate and be grateful and you will never lose hope.


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