A page from my diary

27th Aug 2007

The day passed in a whirl of activities with children and kitchen. I also hastened my efforts to spread Ramzan awareness by packing up related books and cassettes into small parcels to send to relatives. At that moment I realized how little was my contribution to this cause when I got an unexpected phone call from my old neighbour Faiza who had been living in the next door apartment when we moved in two years ago. We had spent some 3 or 4 months together and then they got transferred to some other station. At that time we had long discussions on Quran and she got started on Taleem-ul Quran but our ideas were totally different. I used to be quite outspoken about religious commitment back then, so she got to hear a lot from me………my general criticism for lack of commitment and contentment at having some imaginary reservation for Jannat. Also I hate thinking and planning for duniya as if it is a final destination and for being impressed by worldly splendour which has nothing to do with akhirat. At times I would think that she will never come to me again and she is right that this attitude will drive away people but I used to be so stubborn that if people are driven away by simple plain truth then let them go somewhere else. I have no time for sugar coated superficial conversations anyway. Well it was a miracle that after every few days she would turn up again!! And so it was a strange relationship which lasted over those few months. Today she called me to “thank” me for the “dose” I gave her. She sounded so happy and said she was lucky to have me for that time as it has opened her eyes. She has mashaAllah continued with her studies at home through correspondence course and is still doing it. And she went to Hajj last year. There she heard a woman describing to her group of friends about a lady who had done TQ at home, so Faiza went up to her and asked is she shaheen? And they were so amazed that they have the same friend!! Anyway all that she said to me today made me realize one thing that if the intention is pure then Allah truly helps us and He gives Hidayat to whom He wills. And it made me so happy to realize that purity and truth are the best things and they never go waste. May Allah always guide us all towards what He likes best…….the best ideas, the best energy, the best people and the best deeds and finally the best place in akhira


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