life and death

How can you disbelieve in Allah? Seeing that you were dead and He gave you life. Then He will give you death, and then again will bring you to life (on the Day of Resurrection) and then unto Him you will return.

He it is Who created for you all that is on earth. Then He rose over towards the heaven and made them seven heavens and He is the All-Knower of everything…. (Surah Al-Baqarah v-28 and 29)

As I heard the explanation of these verses it had a strange effect on my heart. There is so much that I learned from them but the most important thing is that I am reminded of my Haqeeqat, my reality……..who am I ……I wasn’t even alive, I was lifeless, I didn’t exist and then he gave me life, He will again take this life away and then give it back to me……How awesome it is to imagine that…..

All other issues shrink to nothing when comapred with this amazing miracle of Allah that He created me out of nothing….and this life on this earth is only for a short time….yet He created a whole universe for me, all the blessings of this earth and the skies to serve me and whom am I worshipping? What is my level of obedience? What is my level of love and fear of Allah? Do I love and fear Him more than anything else in my life? These verses have really made me ask myself a lot of questions and somehow I feel as if the rust of my heart has been washed up!!

I suppose that the biggest difference between learning Quran and being away from it is that without Allah’s reminder we become self centered and people and the things of this world acquire an unrealistic importance……and we forget that we were nobodies and Allah created us and then gave us everything…….this life and all the adornments of the world that we enjoy…none of it is ours, even though it is for us to use…….we don’t own anything……then what are we arrogant about? And what a beautiful end to the whole lesson that He knows everything……we think we know that….. But No…. I don’t think we realize it when we make assumptions with such assurance….we forget that we don’t know everything….We keep forgetting that our knowledge is not complete and we should look to Allah for guidance, because only he knows everything…..


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