Get out of laziness!

Today I have a real life story…..a week ago I went to a ladies get together and there discussed my ideas of bringing Quran into our lives. Well one of the listeners called yesterday that she wanted to talk to me…I said ok fine and although I was just starting to write on my project, I welcomed her. But she just started talking of how bad people are and they don’t listen if you call them to deen and all that. She told me a lot of details which I didn’t think were necessary for a first time talk on the phone. I got very put off that all she wants is to chat and has no ideas of working or using her energies as she said she is totally free and doing nothing except watching tv and talking to friends. I thought to myself what a waste and then told her that time is so precious and on the day of judgement Allah will not ask us about the people we are criticizing but we He will definitely question us that he put an extra awareness in us about deen so did we learn it and spread it to others? So I politely excused myself that I am busy right now but she should really start thinking about what to do with this life and then get back to me…..we will discuss it. Anyway after I hung up on her, I started feeling guilty that maybe I was too hard on her and what if I had been in her place…..How could she have known that I am thoroughly fed up of people who think that to be religious means you lead a stagnant life, and just keep blaming others for your inactivity. But I felt really worried that Allah might be displeased with me for being so blunt. Anyway I spent quite some time doing istaghfaar and only then I continued with my work. Today when I started to write, again the feeling began to trouble me that I am so arrogant and I think myself better than those unfortunate people who still have not come out of their illusions. Maybe I am also in some kind of illusion of self righteousness without even being aware of it…..Again did tauba but then I thought that I should call her and say some nice encouraging thing….innal hasanaat yuzhibnassayyiaat…(certainly good deeds take away the bad deeds) therefore I found her number and called her. She sounded quite preoccupied so I asked her if she was busy. Imagine my surprise when she told me she was doing her first lesson of Taleem-ul-Quran which she had started last evening!!!  She sounded so happy that immediately after talking to me she had called Al-Huda school through some referrence and they had arranged everything for her within the same day and now she was listening to her first class!!

Allah guides to His light whoever He wishes to……and once again I have learned a great lesson….not to feel contempt for others….always be open hearted….and kind and gentle….even if I am not like this by nature….I am very critical….but inshaAllah I will learn, because this is what I am….a student of Quran….still in grade-1….learning the first lesson that all praise is for Allah….and so we have nothing to be arrogant about.



6 thoughts on “Get out of laziness!

  1. I go through the same phases, at times rebuking myself for doing something of this kind and then feeling sorry for my behaviour. Although I’m not the “rude” sort more often but I used to find excuses for any harsh word spoken till the time I wasn’t familiar with Allah’s word. Now I know that if in my hearts of heart, i feel a twitch then that means I should’ve held on to my horses and besides Allah loves the mohsineen and so may he make us one of those.ameen.
    I love your writing style, it’s so simple to understand, almost as if you spoke my heart out, Alhamdulillah. JazakAllah khair for reminding me of not to think of myself as the only righteous one around.

    • Alhamdulillah… every goodness is from Him and all faults are from my own weakness. I hope and pray that we can all find our best potential through which we might serve him in the best way. MashaAllah you have a good command over the language… so I was wondering if you are a writer? I mean do you keep a blog or something? May Allah bless you for giving me your feedback… it does mean a lot to me!!

  2. Indeed and ameen sumameen.
    I’m not a writer nor do I have a blog rather I’m a student, just a beginner of TQ and recently started the third para Alhamdulillah after wasting a lifetime in dilly dallying – may Allah forgive me.

    This appreciation coming from someone whose well versed with the knowledge of Deen, means a lot more and catapults me straight to cloud nine 🙂
    And believe you me, I’ve come across others who are well versed in Deen but it’s the sheer simplicity and honesty that reflects in your writings, is what draws me towards it.

    I happened to read something about you making ramadhan packages for friends and family and it motivated me to do the same for this ramadhan and today when I was driving to work, listening to something about sadaqa given Feesabillillah and suddenly the thought of your blog popped up in my mind that how something I read motivated me and this being deposited in your akhirat account without you even knowing about it, is the beauty of Allah’s infinite mercy. Again May Allah bless you and may he make me one of those who are a part of His mission for his pleasure alone. ameen.

    • am so glad that you have embarked upon the journey through Quran… this is the most precious blessing of Allah and I pray that you not only benefit yourself but countless other people too… inshaAllah.
      Giving charity is a noble task… especially in Ramadan but again the best “ramadan package” would be to share your knowledge with others!
      May I suggest that you keep a “beginner blog” or something where you could jot down a few thoughts daily… imagine how many people would be motivated and inspired and your account of good deeds will go up to “cloud nine” !!!!!
      think about it…

  3. Assalamualaikum! and jazakAllah Khair for giving me a beautiful advice. Have been thinking about this lately, please do pray for me 🙂

    • May Allah enable you to use the best of your abilities for spreading His message to the world and bringing people towards Allah… ameen…

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