A matter of choice…

As I was listening to the online tafseer class I learned many valuable things but the most powerful message I got was in the story of Prophet Musa (a.s.) where his people were being ungrateful about the heavenly food that was being sent to them as a great favour from Allah, and demanded that they wanted vegetables and herbs. Musa (a.s.) was simply disgusted with their attitude and asks them “atastabdilun-allazi huwa adna billazi huwa khair?” (would you rather have something inferior in exchange for something that is far better?)

I never anticipated it but it was like Musa (a.s) struck the rock with his stick and water gushed forth…..My tears gushed forth from the impact of these words on my heart….and I was so surprised how can Allah be talking to me, telling me so many things about myself through these simple words? It’s really amazing…..And I thought: what is life except an on-going battle of choices? When we opt for something then we have to forgo something else…….If we want that everyone should appreciate us even if it means going against Allah’s commands then what are we choosing…..something that is “Adna” (inferior) over that which is “khair” (better). Sometimes we do choose the better thing but in our hearts of heart we keep comparing ourselves with others and think that we are being deprived of the pleasures of this world while the rest of the people who have declared themselves free from the Law of Allah are having such a fine time. We do opt for the better thing like getting admission in Quran class, but then if we have to make sacrifices and make time for studies and revision, then we are like in a constant self pity and think how hard our life has become. At times like these when the inner desires make us miserable we should ask our “self” Atastabdilun-allazi huwa adna billazi huwa khair? (do you want something low in place of that which is much better?) Allah is giving us the best of opportunity to work for the Quran and this is the best gift of this world and yet sometimes we don’t recognize how Allah has chosen us for great things…..and we want what? Allazi huwa Adna? Something that is so cheap, so common that we can have it at the cost of a few notes at any store? Is there a store or any amount of money with which we can buy the inspiration, the knowledge of the Quran? No it is not so “Adna”……it is “Khair”. And last but not the least we all have to find out what is the best thing that I can do with my life….just like in duniya we never settle for less, similarly how can we want less for Akhirah? Atastabdilun Allazi huwa adna billazi huwa khair?



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