ever thought about ears?


1- the first thing to understand is that our ears which are never really noticed and are placed such that unless they are protruding and making one look ugly…………we hardly ever notice them. What’s so wrong about that, you could say! But what I am trying to say is that since we hardly ever notice their presence, so we hardly ever notice their ability and that is to hear sound and record its implication on the mind forever. Words of praise, words of encouragement, words of love…………one remembers forever. Its imprint is seen on the positive outlook of a person. On the contrary, hostile words, sneering and jeering tones, cruel words, rude words, humiliating words………they also leave an effect that is hard to erase.

2- we have been hearing things even before we were conscious of their meaning and life being what it is ———-a test———there is always a mixture of good and bad in it for everyone.

3- but some people are more sensitive than others. they have the potential to excel beyond the average lot, but at the same time they can be a victim of their own heightened sensitivity.

4- Now if you keep hearing about the importance of this world and see people running after its temperary success, and keep listening to their never ending excuses about not following the religion, ranging from apologetic excuses to outright aggressiveness agianst the religion and religious people………….then you can’t expect yourself to be free from its effects.

5- even if your own heart believes in Allah and His religion……….yet the echos of other words keep rotating in your mind. Sometimes when your Iman is high and the heart is filled with joyous tones of hope and optimism then the inner voices or whispers are subsided, but when Iman is down………you have not heard enough Quran through your own recitation, nor from any other Qari……..you have not paid attention to the presence of Allah in your prayers then the internal whispers become a loud noise which you can no longer ignore.

6- the best remedy begins with self awareness and an acceptance of the fact that we are all weak unless Allah makes us strong. We can never be strong on our own. So the best solution that follows this diagnosis is to get up and pray when no one is around. Just two rakah but with focus and then tell Allah what is bothering you and ask Him to clean your heart. Let the tears come out and don’t force yourself into anything unnatural. Just be yourself.

7- constantly pray to Allah for His love and the love of a friend. Because when you are in a really bad state then you cannot get up on your own. You need a friend to remind you of Allah’s power. This works wonders.

8- And use your power of listening as much as you can. The more you listen to Ayat about the hereafter, the more faith you will develop in it. Listen to good lectures then Discuss it , share it with whoever you can. I love talking about Jannat to my washing maid who listens with joy sparking in her dark eyes. since she believes what I tell her, it strengthens my belief in what Allah tells me in the Quran. Also your own voice talking about heaven and hell has a strange effect on your heart. So talk about the day of Akhirah, the paradise, the honour for the righteous people as much as you can.

9- A good thing to remember is that the influences which we gathered during our childhood or before understanding the Quran were without our choice. Whatever we saw or heard is beyond our control now. But what we can control is the present. The choice that Allah has given us can be utilized in letting the good sounds enter our ears. Make the most of your listening abilities by listening to Qirat, your own recitation, your duas and Zikr which you should preferably do in an exclusive time slot (however short it might be due to other committments). Stay out of bad company,  listen to positive ideas, listen to your own voice while you talk lovingly and soothingly to your children and other people and see its effects on your life.

!0- also remember that whatever you do can only be effective if Allah wills……..so keep praying and looking at Him with a smile on your face and love in your heart and surely He will respond in a much faster way than we imagine.

 NEVER LOSE HOPE………….keep trying and keep fighting till the last breath. Allah is looking at us with Love and Mercy……..Alhamdulillah 



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