The bond of love and respect

And when you have divorced women and they have fulfilled the term of their prescribed period, either take them back on reasonable basis or set them free on reasonable basis. But do not take them back to hurt them, and whoever does that, then he has wronged himself. And treat not the Verses (Laws) of Allah as a jest, but remember Allah’s Favors on you (i.e. Islam), and that which He has sent down to you of the Book (i.e. the Quran) and Al-Hikmah (the Prophet’s Sunnah – legal ways – Islamic jurisprudence, etc.) whereby He instructs you. And fear Allah, and know that Allah is All-Aware of everything. (2:231)


As I was reading the Quran I came upon these verses of Surah Al-Baqarah (from Ayah 227 onwards) in which Allah has given detailed instructions on how to carry on the process of divorce….something which He dislikes the most among halal things….and over and over reminds us that these are the limits of Allah and those who believe in Him must follow it. I was thinking that If divorce is to be carried out with so much care, then it makes me wonder how much important it must be in Allah’s eyes that we honour and care for our bonds of marriage. And so it has opened my heart to the fact that being a good wife should be one of my top most priorities as a Muslim woman. If I am very concerned with my spiritual development and spend so much time in prayer and Quran and on the other hand my attitude with my husband is not based on ehsaan (excellence) then its not going to benefit me at all. Because Islam is not the religion of solitary individuals. Rather it thrives on unity and brotherhood. How can be a society be united when its basic units, which are the households of Muslims, depict a scene of a battleground where each party is busy getting even with the other……somewhere you see open misbehaviour and others are engaged in an ongoing cold war. And we think we are religious if we have offered the five prayers……

Although women have been given so much protection and rights from Allah yet we have to be very careful that we don’t overstep our limits. We love to be handled with care but when its our turn to give the husband his rights then what is our general attitude?

And unconsciously our children learn from our practical example. How can we expect to teach them universal brotherhood of Islam when we can not remain polite to even one person? Being frank and friendly should never be an excuse for rudeness or insults…..

Prevention is better than cure. So we should not take this blessing for granted.

May Allah guide us to His complete obedience in all matters……Ameen



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