Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

The last few days have been an eye opening experience for me in many ways. If you see it from a worldly point of view it was just an ordinary experience of shifting from one house to the other…but all the while my heart was in awe of Allah and I went through the whole process imagining what it would be like to move from this world into the next…

the house which I vacated was like this world… just like we imagine ourselves to be living in this world for a long long time and for some people its like forever…similarly in my old house I had never thought for real that I will have to leave it one day. My heart was so much attached to its comfort and security and mosty of all its familiarity that I fell into this illusion that I will never have to leave it. Isn’t this the same attitude we have about this world. In varying degrees we all kinow this world is going to end or at least we all have this conviction that life does come to an end, still we think of the world as nnever ending, and view life as an infinite journey into the future. And so despite my knowledge when the date was announced to vacate the house, I was gripped with a deep sadness… deep down in my heart it felt like THE END. As I packed my books and diaries, I was weighed down by the burden of enormous guilt and regret. Allah had blessed me with so much but what had I given to Him in return? Not even a fraction of what I could have done. As I vacated the house it was after maghrib and the light had gone so we descended the stairs with the help of a torch. I remembered the Bridge which we will all have to cross over the hell fire and I thought to myself “Have I collected enough light for that day?”

And so after ten days, I am settled in my new house and I feel so grateful to Allah for giving me another chance to remember Him and to spread His remembrance in the form of writing. This is the world and life will go on until Allah has destined for me but as I move from day to day I must constantly remind myself that time is a precious commodity and I must do my utmost struggle in trying to use it with focus and positive planning. Because one day the transfer is going to be permanent and there will no more be any ” second chance”….


One thought on “transfer

  1. comment on transfer.
    Assalmaualykum wr wb.
    it’s really learning point for me also. Jazakallhukhair for submitting this experience.
    please keep it up.Please write your name also.

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