Time is running out

These days I am packing up to move to another town and so everyday I am reminded of Akhirah in a totally different way. I realized that even though I have been talking and writing about death since I have started reading and understanding the Quran, but I had not known that deep in my heart there lurked a hope of having a really long life and so I had never feared that my time could end any minute. Therefore I understood for the first time why I am so slow in acting upon my plans? why do I keep putting off things for an unspecified time in the future? There definitely is a weakness of the body which reflects in various ailments but it is compounded by a lack of urgency. I am not sure whether its a general way of thinking or not but so far I have never heard anyone reminding me of death. Shouldnt we be talking more about it? After all it is the only event which is bound to happen in our lives. All other things might or might not happen but death has to come and then there will no more be any chance to say that I will do such and such thing tomorrow. It is a sort of deception in which we live …..an illusion that time is a never ending commodity which we might use or misuse or waste away with non issues  and irrelevant things.

May Allah help us all to realize this truth. So I am going to say Allah Hafiz to all of you as I will not be able to update this page for a few days until I settle in the new house and get the internet…InshaAllah. Meanwhile I hope you will keep visiting and read up all the stuff which has already been uploaded. May Allah make it beneficial for all of us….Ameen


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