From the sky…

A friend of mine sent me some photos today which were taken “from the sky”. As I looked through the brilliant scenes taken from up above over magnificent places, I was reminded of a time about three years ago. We had gone out for dinner and while eating there was an unpleasant incident which hurt me very much. I felt totally alone in my grief and I repeatedly thought that no one knows what I am going through. Just then this thought flashed in my mind that there is someone who knows and that is Allah. So in my imagination I climbed a ladder and looked down at the dining place…it seemed so small and the people looked like tiny toys. Then I thought why should these tiny people and their insignificant hurts matter so much to me? And so I climbed higher on that imaginary ladder and the people and places looked smaller and smaller until I could see them no more. Then I realized that Allah can see each one of them even from that unimaginable height of the Arsh-e-azeem. And so I looked up in the skies and was mesmerised by the awesome greatness of the vast canopy…..this is just the sky of the world…what about the sab’a samawatin tibaaqa? (the seven skies) And then the arsh of Allah (His throne) …what are we in comparison? Is there anyone more deserving of my love than Allah? And so with a light heart I went down back to my place among people. I looked at them with new eyes…these are the people whose rights I must fulfil and treat them with excellence because Allah will be pleased with me if I am successful in doing that. And I should not worry whether they reciprocate my feelings or not. This life is a test and none of us are alone. We have Allah looking at each one of us and He knows what we all are doing and what is being done to us. We keep counting the hurts which people inflict on us but on the day of recompense Allah will not ask me about others behaviour towards me but I will be answerable only for my own mistakes.

So from that day it has become my habit to always go up and view things from the sky so that the tests of life appear to be smaller and I can see the greatness of Allah far better from that point:):)



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