how to cure my attitude

Someone asked my opinion on how to get rid of her self-centeredness. I saved the answer as it serves as a reminder for me too….

It is indeed Allah’s greatest favour on us when He enables us to analyse ourselves and detect the flaws. This is the first step and it’s the most difficult one…..that is to accept what is lacking in us. The next step is to find out the cause. Mostly it’s our environment in which we learn to be self centred. And as long as we maintain an outward display of good manners and caring for others, it is considered to be ok. Our real interest is generally with only our own self. The beauty of the Quran is that it teaches us the absolute truth. We begin to see everything in the true light and appearances don’t count much where Allah’s pleasure and approval is concerned. Thus Allah creates in us an urge to improve our condition and it is a great favour from Him.

The best remedy is the Quran itself. The more you keep your contact with it the more it nurtures your spirituality. The five daily prayers are also very important to develop a deeper bond with the Lord. When you prostrate before Him, try and visualize that it might be your last chance to do Taubah….it might be the last chance to ask Allah to make your heart content with Islam. So make lots of duas in Sajdah……and consider it a favour from Allah that He has given us this free choice to turn to Him for all our needs, whenever we want. Remember that our hearts are in His control and He is the best one to purify us from the effects of our accumulated sins which we collect knowingly or unknowingly. Make Istaghfar your all time zikr and InshaAllah very soon you will see the improvement in the state of your heart. Whoever asks Allah for guidance… guided by Allah and whom Allah guides is the most fortunate of all.



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