What is Islam?

This is a letter which I wrote to my teacher in September 2004…

Dearest Teacher, Assalamualaikum

I have been your student of Taleem-ul-Quran for the last one year through your cassettes. Currently I am on the 10th Para. From the very beginning of my journey of enlightenment I became very much involved in the words of Allah. In my previous life I used to have a very different concept of Allah and Islam. But when I started reading the Quran with your Cassettes I found the true love of my life. Never had I felt so close to someone as I felt the comfort of Allah’s presence. The words of Quran seemed to be revealed to me for the first time and I could feel the true essence of what My Allah is saying to me. As is natural, if one has this kind of revelation day after day, it has a unique effect on a person’s life. The only discomfort for me was that I soon realized that maybe I was neglecting my kids and what good will be my knowledge or good deeds if my kids turn out to be frustrated adults. Therefore recently I started giving 30 minutes exclusive time daily to my children before sleeping at night. I found that when they were in bed and lights were dim they paid more attention to what I was telling them. And they would go to sleep with happy thoughts. I started teaching them Duaa’s at this time and we recited them together. But I felt that the rest of the world had more negetive effect on them as compared to whatever efforts I was making to give them an identity of their religion. So I asked myself what is the remedy……..If I give up ………will it be better?………..definitely not . The only option I have is to keep working towards betterment and the result is in Allah’s hands. And so I reinforced my committment with the children. I started appreciating them instead of always nagging at them as is the case most common among mothers. 

An astonishing thing happened that my son, Ali, who is 12 started writing poems. It was unbelievable that he had this talent. Yesterday he wrote a poem on Islam. For me this is a kind of reward from Allah which I want to share with you because you are the one who inspired me to this way of life. It is your love of Allah which you have transferred to me and which has somehow made my son write this poem. It might not be very good but for me it is a sign of Allah’s assurance that no step taken in his direction goes un-rewarded.

So here is Ali’s poem which I dedicate to you and all those who are working towards spreading the message of Allah in the world. Do pray that Allah might choose me and my family to be among these people too.(ameen)



Our religion

is Islam

the only religion

which is calm


Islam tells us

how to lead a life

Islam tells us 

that knowledge is stronger than a knife


the one who will

obey Allah’s commands

therefore, will enter the paradise

and Allah will fulfill his demands


to enter the paradise

we will have to Pray

But not once a week

But five times a day


Islam tells us

to work together

Islam tells us

that be united for ever


Islam tells us

that do not fight

Do not steal other’s things

because they have a right


when some people are wrong

fight against them

and hold tight to your religion

Like a flower is being held by its stem



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