Is your heart open?

I have some friends who have all the qualities of Muslims, like truthfulness, Honesty, hard work, charity etc but the problem is that they don’t believe in the “rituals” of the religion. They think that being a “good person” is enough to ensure a happy life in the hereafter and being “religious” is just a matter of choice and personal interpretation. When I try to convey to them that their concepts are just based on the values they have been brought up with and not on any solid foundation, they refuse to understand it. On the other hand they are quite fed up with the “religious people” and are quick to criticize them, believing in all the propaganda against “Islamic extremism”. But I keep trying to soften their hearts and to bring their attention to the fact that they must learn about the religion of Allah through Allah’s book. About a couple of months ago, one of these friends had some mild pain in the chest and went to the doctor for examination. It was diagnosed that a couple of arteries were blocked and so they needed to do an angioplasty. As I went to visit her in the hospital after her operation, I started thinking that we are all so concerned for our physical well being and are ready to believe the doctors and then willingly go through whatever treatment they suggest whether expensive or painful. But what is our attitude towards spiritual well being? Are we concerned over the fact that our hearts are not open for Allah’s message? Thinking on these lines I wrote down these questions…not only for her but for all of us who are willing to get a “check up”…


1-    Why did you get yourself a check up?

2-    If you had pain it could have been dismissed as part of life. You could have just taken a painkiller…instead of all the fuss and expense?

3-    So why was it so important to diagnose and then get treatment for it?

4-     Why should a little narrowing in a tiny part of your artery matter so much?

5-     What if you didn’t know anything about how your circulatory system works?

6-     What if you didn’t have any knowledge of science…?

7-     Imagine yourself to be an illiterate woman who has no idea what the heart does or how it is affected by narrow arteries and all that.

8-   Suppose you know there are some people called doctors but you imagine them to be just wicked people cheating people by taking their money and promising them cure from their aches and pains.

9-     Now suppose I hear that you had pain in your chest and advise you to go a doctor because I suspect that you needed to fix your circulatory system……..would you let go of your prejudice and try to understand that I love you and wanted you to live a long healthy life?

10-   Or would you think “here she goes again with her lecture…..she thinks we are bad people and only she is good…..maybe some wicked doctor has brainwashed her…….she used to be such a sweet little girl and now she is all the time “pushing” me to visit those unreliable folks who are just after my money…..

11-     Do you really think that a sick person with a need of angioplasty is a bad person?

12-   Do you think it would be good excuse to avoid the operation by saying that people who get this treatment are so bad and they go around hurting others?

13-    Would you try and convince your loved ones to save themselves?  or would you let them do serious irreversible damage to their lives?

14-    Don’t you need to open your heart for Allah’s message to enter it?

15-   If someone in your condition said that no I don’t need to go through angiography, I am already taking care of my body so much……..I walk daily, I watch my diet, I regularly take medicines for diabetes… I am perfectly alright….would you think that it is a wise decision?

16-   Allah has given you another opportunity to think and make this important decision… open your heart for Allah’s love to enter it and fill it with peace and happiness which is your birthright….why should you go on depriving yourself?…..I hope you will at least listen to some “spiritual doctor” ?

17-     One last thing…..not all doctors are quacks and not all spiritual doctors are fake……

CONCLUSION: ——-Allah loves you. He created you among his best people. He gave you so much intelligence, wisdom, kind heart, an adorable personality. So my request is to please Get yourself some time alone and “talk” to Allah…..ask Him to open your heart and guide you towards the truth. InshaAllah He will help you find the right “doctor”.




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