Going in Allah’s way

Just A reminder that I wrote for myself and thought to share it with you all.


Going in Allah’s way:


1-   Take out your Niyat (intention) from its hiding place……..Look at it carefully and critically and clean it. Make it pure………everything should be only for Allah


2-   Then pray to Allah to guide you in His infinite wisdom towards what is the best way to achieve His approval.


3-   Next carefully analyze your resources, physical, intellectual and spiritual with a view to analyze the possibilities according to your capabilities.


4-   Chalk out a plan within a time frame.


5-   Say Bismillah and go for it with all your might.


6-   Remember that every step you take is because Allah is making it possible for you, so no arrogance but do Shukr all the time.


7-   If the result is not what you expected, inspite of sincere intention, effort and duas, then it is Allah’s will.


8-   Check inside yourself what is more important for you……….your own satisfaction or Allah’s pleasure.


9-   Maybe saying Alhamdulillahi Alaa Kulli Haal at such disappointments will gain you more reward than achieving what you had hoped and worked for.




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