Seeing beyond the obvious!

Today I learned that one disappointment can give energy to do other deeds of goodness, if only we keep our minds positive and focus on what we can do in the situation in which we might be thrown involuntarily. I had been invited to attend a meeting in which some scholar had to give a talk on women’s role. So I completed all the housework in a rush and made arrangements to reach on time but when I got there I found that there had been some lapse of communication and I had got the wrong info….the meeting is on next Monday……I just laughed at this and went out, sat in the car and decided not to be put off by this. Obviously there must be something I can do instead of feeling like a fool. And I had an idea to make this into a rewarding experience instead of a disappointment. So I set off to another “adventure” which I had thought of for such a long time but never done it due to lack of initiative. I had always wanted to go and visit a teacher of mine in college who had taught us English. I was there only for 6 months but in that time I had learned a lot from her. She herself was blind and had taught us Helen Keller’s essay…”three days to see” and I had been so very inspired. For the first time I had realized that there is an inner vision in all of us which we seldom use. And the authors line “the seeing see little” really tore through my heart…..well the story can get so long but since I began writing the reviews for the Quran, I often used to think of her and wanted to go and thank her for the difference she made in my life and also to give her some audio recordings of Quranic recitation and lectures on different topics. So I did it today…..first did some shopping and then went to the college with a trembling heart. It was a strange feeling to enter that building after 21 years!! Anyway I went inside with a brave face and asked the directions to the staff room. I saw her by the window. She was looking so good mashaAllah…..the 21 years seem to have added to her rather than taking away anything!! Anyway she was so excited and welcomed me so lovingly, asked me all about what I was doing. And was pleased to know of my efforts in writing. She told me she had also started memorizing the Quran. Has done surah Al-Baqarah. I gave her the cassettes and she was so happy……and it filled my heart with so much pleasure too that Allah took me there and gave me the energy to fulfill my dream…..So the opportunities of goodness are all around us. We just have to think beyond the obvious and do whatever we can to make Allah happy with us…….what a great happiness there is in doing something only for His sake. And it has strengthened my belief that if we stay true to Him and keep looking at Him with Hope and Love, He will make all our dreams come true…….Insha’Allah.



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