Total Loss

(page from my diary)


Every friday when I am cooking for lunch, I can hear the Imam’s khutba from the window and the door facing towards the Mosque. Today I heard something that literally froze me in my place. I couldn’t catch the beginning where the imam must have quoted a source for these words but anyway here they are:

When someone disobeys Allah because of love for a person then Allah puts hatred in the heart of that person for him.

And this really hit me……how foolish we are if we don’t obey Allah for fear that people will not like us or love us…..because they will hate us anyway so what will we gain except TOTAL LOSS

A line that my teacher often quoted but today It has become even more clear

Na Khuda hi mila….Na Wisal-e-Sanam….

(which means that neither could the love of Allah be attained nor the closeness of the being for whom Allah was neglected)

Tauheed is so important……Giving first and foremost place to Allah in our hearts and lives is so important….yet Shaitan and our Nafs combine to make us believe that Allah knows I love Him and so I don’t really have to prove it in my actions all the time……..or that a person whom I love needs me more at this moment and Allah is bay niaz; He doesn’t need anyone so maybe I can delay salat or zikr or Quran and attend first to the person whose love is more important to me. How delicate is this line dividing the safe zone of loving people as far as Allah has allowed,  from excessive, unsafe area of Allah’s anger….

It doesn’t mean we become unfeeling robots… it is not required, rather we have to fulfil People’s rights too and our own needs as well, which include to love and being loved, BUT we have to be careful never to be neglectful of Allah’s rights……



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