Signs of Love…

I say that I love Allah but how do I know whether it is for real or just my imagination?

To find out the truth I asked myself what is the attitude of a person who adores someone? So I thought about it and listed a few “signs of love”:

If I love Allah then:

1-     I will want to know about Him…

(Therefore I must take time to study His names and His attributes.)

2-     I will want to talk to Him…

 (Who is my inner voice talking to, in Salat?)

3-     I will love to read His words…

 (Do I enjoy reading Quran?)

4-     I will want to be in His Company when there is no other distraction… (Am I willing to leave my sleep at Tahajjud?)

5-     I will think about Him all the time…

(Constant remembrance through tasbeeh and contemplating on His creation)

6-     I will always be worrying what He thinks of me and my acts.

What is His opinion of me? Is He happy with me? Does He love me?

7-     How much do I love Allah will be reflected in how much I WANT HIM to love ME…

These are the questions we should all be asking ourselves if we truly want to free ourselves from the needless dependence on other people’s opinion and their behaviour towards us. The more we love Allah and seek His pleasure over everything else, the more energy we will have in our hearts to do the things which we want to do to attain the everlasting success of both worlds. There is a beautiful prayer which is excellent in seeking Allah’s love:

O Allah! Make my love for you transcend the love of all other things

And make my fear of you be more than the fear of all other things.

And make my desire to meet you override all the desires of this world.

And when the eyes of the worldly people are cooled and comforted by their worlds, grant me the coolness of my eyes (pleasure of my heart) in your worship…..Ameen


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