We are incomplete…

Sometime back I went to attend a Quran class which someone had told me about. But after going there a couple of times I was not quite satisfied with the way things were done there. And so I stopped going after that. I already have a lot to do at home and so didn’t even have time. But the thought kept coming to my mind that maybe I should go once in a while and learn something beneficial. So I did manage to convince myself and went one day. I thought that even if I don’t like everything about it, at least I will learn something good…….And Alhamdulillah I learned a lot. And the surprising thing was that I felt like I was finally overcoming the biggest problem of my nafs……which is to be over critical about others…..for the first time I have started liking people in spite of things which I don’t like. I have understood that we can love and be loved even if none of us is perfect. The secret lies in the fact that together we can share our personalities in such a way that we make up for each other’s deficiencies. Like a jigsaw puzzle……..I loved to do those all my life…….and now I have realized that none of the pieces is complete but together they form a beautiful picture…..But they have to accept each other and remember that they are as incomplete as they see others to be……and our goodness is incomplete unless we share it with others and let their goodness be absorbed into our heart and soul.

I just am so surprised how Allah has made me learn all these things……..Today Allah gave me the opportunity to contribute a lot during the lesson and finally it seemed to me as if I was talking too much…..but every time I spoke I looked up to a calendar on the wall on which the dua of Istaghfar was written and I would ask Allah for forgiveness…..There is so much in each one of us which needs cleansing but we cannot achieve that unless we admit our faults in front of Allah. Certainly He is the only one who can make us pure and the only one who knows us as we really are.



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