What do I want?


I wrote a list of questions for self evaluation, after listening to the explanation of the following verses from Surah Al-Baqarah

And among the people is he whose speech pleases you in worldly life, and he calls Allah to witness as to what is in his heart, yet he is the fiercest of opponents. (204)

And among the people is he who sells his soul for the sake of seeking the pleasure of Allah. And Allah is kind to [His] servants.(207)


Today’s lesson has really been a great eye opener. Why has Allah pointed out this character who talks about the worldly matters with such an attractive manner? I think it is strongly related to our times as it is an age of media in which personalities are portrayed in such a glamorous way that most people are captivated by their deceptive charm, specially our youth……And the people whom we look up to become our role models…So Allah is warning us here: Be careful and don’t get trapped in this web of illusions…….look deeper into the reality and you will see the true picture….how they go around corrupting the resources for their own selfish needs.

On one hand we have to be careful not to follow such people who refuse to admit their mistakes, and on the other hand we need to be even more careful that we might not develop such characteristics in our own personalities. So check yourself on these points:

1-Do I speak in an artificial style or accent just to impress others?

2-Does my dignity vanish into the air when I fight for my selfish interests?

3-What is the direction of my efforts….am I only interested in my own gains?

4-Am I a destructive/aggressive person?

5-When I become aware of any mistake do I become defensive?

6-Am I ready to listen to positive criticism?

7-Does my ego make it impossible for me to accept reality?


Next focus on the other character……the one who is willing to give up himself and all that he has….in order to attain the approval of Allah…….

And if you want to be like this then see how many of his characteristics do you have:

1- Am I willing to obey Allah whole heartedly?

2- Or am I still making excuses?

3- Have I announced the shaitan to be my open enemy by saying NO to all his ways?

4- Am I careful not to slip?

5- Have I taken all precautions to prevent myself from slipping back to my ignorant ways?

6- Do I value this life as an opportunity to earn Allah’s pleasure?

7- Do I remind myself time and again that the hour of judgement is very soon to come?


And finally the great reminder from Allah that the biggest difference between a Momin and a kafir is the way they live in this world. For the Momin it’s like a prison where Allah’s limits are a boundary which he can never cross…….it makes him love the Akhirah so he dreams of it and yearns for it and works for it.

On the other hand the kafir has a limited sight and all he can see is the duniya. So he loves it and yearns for it and works only and only for the duniya.

We have to check the state of our heart and see where we stand on this line?

What is the inclination of my heart? What do I really really want?


At the end all those who passed this questionnaire and are well pleased with themselves that they are on the right way and they want the Akhirah and Allah’s pleasure and approval then they should be prepared to face the tests and trials which are a part of this package…….but they should still be happy that they have chosen the right way even if it is hard and rough…….because after all Allah’s help is very near:):)



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