what do you say?

I came across the following “short course in human relationships” and found it to be very interesting and effective:


The six most important words:
         I admit that I was wrong.



The five most important words:
         You did a great job.


     The four most important words:
         What do you think?


     The three most important words:
          Could you please…


     The two most important words:
            Thank you.


      The most important word:


     The least important word:
these seem to be very simple things to apply but if you see around yourself it is so rare to see such a generous and understanding behaviour among people. So I thought why it is so rare when it is seemingly so easy and simple. The fact is that Just the right kind of attitude can produce the right kind of thinking.

And only the right kind of thinking will find expression in the right kind of words.

If you think you are the ultimate gift from the heavens then you can never for one moment doubt that there might be something wrong with you……..

We can all check which expressions we use in our daily conversation:


 I admit that I was wrong. 
                         Nobody can do it right except me


You did a great job.

                                 I always do a great job


What do you think?

                You don’t have any idea…..this is what I think, so listen to me


Could you please…?

                Weren’t you supposed to do this?


Thank you.

              Look at what you have done!





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