Just want to share a very small incident which left a deep impact on me. My servant is on leave and there is a new person to replace him for a few days. He was working so well and with such a keen sense of responsibility that I thanked him for that. He replied: “Please, I expect my reward from Allah and just make duas for my mother and I would be very grateful”. I said, “Is your mother sick?” He said “No, I have never even seen her. She died when I was very small. But I love her very much and want the best for her in Akhirat”.

As I came into my room I looked at myself with shame………I have spent so many years in the loving company of my mother. She looked after me, cared for me in every little way, was my best friend, taught me to write. Let me do so many things which generally mothers forbid. Even now she feels responsible for me and my children. Prays for my well being day and night. BUT do I care for her even a quarter of what this man cares for his mother who he has not even seen? A mother who has done nothing for him except giving him birth?

I might think that I have learned the Quran, so I know a lot. And I have had such a good education so I know a lot. And I have such good friends with whom I hold long discussions which are highly informative and intellectual.

But look at this person……..he knows the worth of his mother. And he knows that only Allah can give the reward for his honesty and hard work.

This is a lesson that I will always remember whenever I make duas for my own parents. Allah has spread His knowledge everywhere; it is up to us how much we receive it and how much we retain it and most importantly how much we act upon it.


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